"I hired Taryn as my life coach at a time when I needed direction, clarity and support in my life and I absolutely loved working with her! She is an incredibly caring individual whom I found very easy to trust and connect with. As a wife to an executive and a mother of two very active little boys, I was not sure how to balance the needs of my family with my own needs, desires, and career goals and I found myself constantly staggered and frustrated. Taryn helped me find clarity as we explored my desires, established short-term and long-term goals, and worked through the barriers I had put in my own way to achieving them. During our sessions, Taryn helped me push through the discomfort of being out of my comfort zone and I was able to work to achieve my goals, one of which was the launch of a new business. Taryn inspired me to follow my heart and pursue a path that my heart “desired” instead of one that society “expected” of me and I am forever grateful for that!"

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"I sought coaching at a time when I struggled between working on my own goals and balancing my role at home as a mom of three and wife to a busy executive. When I started working with Taryn, I was overwhelmed between our home renovation, having two toddlers and a small baby, and being in the middle of my doctoral degree. Taryn listened to my goals, my interests, and my needs and then helped me figure out ways to manage and balance the different aspects of my life. For example, she has helped me to be in the present moment with my children, find time to focus on my relationship with my busy husband, and sort through a difficult professional relationship. I feel very comfortable working with Taryn because she is very trustworthy and she listens wholeheartedly and asks good questions to help me identify next steps in both my personal and professional life. Working with Taryn has allowed me to get clear on what's truly important to me, and to be wise about where I spend my time and energy. I highly recommend working with her!"

"I had decided to stay at home raising my three sons and supporting my executive husband, and I spent any free time volunteering. I was good at both, but I started getting restless for more – and I felt overwhelmed about figuring out what that would be and how to approach it. Taryn guided me in digging deep within myself to find the answers and also explore things beyond my comfort zone. After always doing so much for everyone else, I was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the attention on "me", but Taryn quickly showed me that I am worth it. I learned that I needed to better understand who I am in order to discover who I want to become. She has helped me to figure out what is important to me, how I want to spend my time, how I want to balance my family and work life, and how I want to prepare for the inevitable "retirement" years. I am forever grateful for what coaching with Taryn has opened up for me in every aspect of my life."

"You could just go through life going through the motions or you could really ask yourself, “What do I want to do with my one
precious life?”  This is what I work with Taryn to do: to dream, to explore, to challenge my fears and uncertainties, and to climb or
knock down my walls. I came to Taryn because for so long my identity had been in being a stay-at-home Mom to my three kids, but when they became teenagers and started needing me less I felt somewhat lost. Taryn helped me adjust to the change, and she helped me get excited about what was next. We explored my dreams, my motivations, and my values so that I had a clear vision for who I wanted to be and what I wanted to create in my life. Taryn helped me challenge all of the ‘shoulds’, the subconscious thoughts that weren’t helpful, and the fears I had buried. Taryn not only brings great knowledge of the coaching process, but also an innate ability to see and empower the real you. She has this ability to uncover the hopes and fan the flames of ideas to turn them into actionable items, always challenging, always supporting and moving you forward. Enjoy! I do!"

“Having Taryn as a coach has been invaluable. Every call we have, I look forward to learning from her, hearing her questions, and setting new goals. She has helped me to be a more patient and present wife and mother, as well as take my efficiency and performance in my job to the next level. She asks great questions and it's really interesting and fun to watch the progression of a comment I make during a call to identifying why I say what I say and whether or not it is serving me. I feel like coaching with Taryn gives me a mirror to look into, so I can see myself in a realistic light and change/grow where I want to and accept/love everything else about myself. Self-love is so important and I think Taryn has a very special gift for cultivating it.”