Trusted life coach helping wives of executives who crave 'something more' to experience greater balance, connection, and fulfillment


'something more'

Things are "good", but you crave 

You have the typical responsibilities of a mother & wife, and maybe your own career, plus more. Your household workload can be greater when you’re supporting a leader, and your marriage can require more attention and intention. While you’re thankful for the opportunity to focus on raising your family and supporting your executive husband, you also crave "something more". Maybe you're yearning for a closer relationship with your busy husband, or desiring a deeper connection with your community, or ready to have something more of your own where you can pursue your passions and use your talents.

something more. 

Can you relate to any of the following?

Are you grateful for the opportunity to focus on your family, but ready to also have something more of your own where you can pursue your passions and use your talents?

Are you busy running the household, but you want to balance that with time for your health, friends, and personal & professional interests?

Are you proud of your husband's dedication to his career, but you wonder 'what about me?'

Are you involved in the community, but you crave even deeper connection and closer friendships?





Reach the balance & connection you crave, demystify the “something more”, and live your best life!

I’m Taryn Laughlin, Certified Professional Life Coach. I help wives of executives to discover and pursue the “something more” that they crave – in any area of life.

For over 7 years, I've helped clients navigate the challenges that can often come with being married to a busy executive.  I love helping women figure out what it means for them to thrive in that unique environment, help them pursue their passions & dreams, and live their best life!

Through coaching you'll gain clarity on what specifically you desire & develop a vision, work through any barriers, and develop an actionable plan. As a certified life, relationship, parenting, and health coach, I’m ready to help you overcome whatever obstacles you’re facing.