First, I’ll help you gain clarity on what specifically you desire, so that you can get the most out of your current situation, spend your energy in ways that are meaningful to you, and make decisions aligned with your values. Next I’ll help you design a vision for the life you want, address the blocks standing in your way (whether circumstantial or mindset), and develop an actionable plan. Then I’ll champion you and hold you accountable as desired. Oh, and we have fun along the way - because why not?!


“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Balance & Momentum

You’re committed to being a great mother and wife, and raising a family is busy. You have even more responsibility when you’re married to an executive whose demanding career and frequent travel limits his availability to help with the kids and around the house. The To Do lists are long and it’s easy to get pulled in a bunch of different directions throughout the day. It can be challenging to prioritize time for yourself - but you know that when you take care of yourself and do the things that energize and motivate you, it helps you to show up as a more present and engaged mother & wife.

Live a well-balanced life (between family, friends, your health, and your personal & professional interests)

Feel that you’re truly taking advantage of the time you have

Establish routine & structure

Develop the discipline to do the things that help you feel motivated, energized, and organized on a daily basis to tackle your busy schedule

Coaching will help you to:

Develop habits & systems to maintain momentum on projects and responsibilities

Balance & Momentum

Balance & Momentum

"Something More"

You had a successful career – you’re accomplished, intelligent, & professional. You’ve since made the choice to change course and fully dedicate yourself to your family. While you’re thankful for the opportunity to focus on raising your kids and being supportive to your executive husband, sometimes you crave “something more”. You long to fully utilize your gifts & talents and have something more of your own, whether it's volunteering, starting a company, taking a job, going back to school, or generally spending time on your personal & professional interests.

Gain clarity about what the "something more" is and how it will impact your life

Discover the best path for sharing your gifts & talents with the world

Pursue your dreams!

Coaching will help you to:

View your life through a different lens to generate new possibilities


Marriage is both fulfilling and challenging. The challenge can be compounded when you’re married to a busy executive who travels frequently and your amount of quality time together is limited. You’re proud of his dedication to his career, but you wonder “what about me?” And sometimes communication can require extra effort & patience because he’s not as present as you’d like. Or maybe he's used to highlighting opportunities for improvement and delegating tasks as part of his role, but you want to be approached like a partner and feel like a team.

Improve your communication with your husband and have more collaborative discussions

Be aware of any of your own beliefs or triggers that may impact the way you perceive communications

Prioritize time for the two of you to connect

Feel like a real partnership and team

Coaching will help you to:

Feel confident about the ways you're balancing your many responsibilities


Sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of socializing, entertaining, and contributing to the community, but you crave more of the deep connection. It can be easy to get caught up doing all of the house and administrative tasks, but you want to make sure that you’re intentional about reaching out to friends and others to build community and cultivate close relationships.

Have a set group of ‘go-to’ friends where it’s natural to include each other, help each other out, and be there for each other when times get tough

Be aware of how you're showing up in your relationships so that you can be your most authentic self

Coaching will help you to:

Build true community where you have meaningful & close-knit relationships with friends who are engaged, invested, and genuinely care